Elevate Recruiting Efficiency and
Hit Your Hiring Targets

TalentWall is an engagement layer for your ATS to streamline pipeline management, stakeholder collaboration, and hiring analytics.

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Customizable Analytics Dashboarding, Purpose Built for Greenhouse ATS

Quickly and easily build talent acquisition dashboards, enrich candidate pipeline diversity data, and automate report sharing to stakeholders.

  • More than 200 pre-built charts out of the box
  • Easy to use interface, enabling any stakeholder across the business to build their own custom dashboards
  • Automated sharing – schedule a dashboard to be emailed or slacked to users on a regular cadence

Optimize Your Hiring Efficiency with Visual Pipeline Management

TalentWall™ converts your ATS candidate data into a real-time, interactive card wall. Get full visibility into the health and hygiene of every active candidate and open role across your company.

  • Recruiters always know exactly which candidates need actioning and which roles need their attention, all through a single intuitive view
  • Identify inefficiencies in your interview process with real-time insights into conversion rates, drop-off rates, and time-in-stage metrics
  • With Predictive Talent Analytics, understand how many hires you have in your pipeline at any time, and which roles need sourcing support
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Executive Level Reporting for Full Visibility into KPIs & Progress Against Hiring Plans

Reports purpose-built for your executive team, providing a ‘1000 ft view’ on the overall health of your team’s hiring efforts.

  • Track and manage your hiring plan so you always know how your team is progressing to their goals
  • Track overall efficiency of hiring efforts across every department, hiring team, hiring cohort, and business unit
  • Present recruiting data to leadership at the 10k foot view, but have the ability to drill down as deep as needed during your executive presentations

Optimize Candidate Experience with NPS Surveys and Insights

Quickly leverage actionable insights to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement to improve the overall candidate experience.

  • Pre-built and customizable candidate surveys to measure NPS and improve candidate experience
  • Survey triggers on rejection, declined, and hired status

TalentWall’s Most Popular Features

Job Analytics

Identify process inefficiencies such as candidate drop-off rates at the individual job level, the departmental level, to the entire company with Job Analytics.

Funnel Segmentation

Understand the overall diversity of your pipelines and the passthrough rates of underrepresented groups with our Enriched Diversity Data

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Hiring Plan Tracker

Track your progress to your hiring plans on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis

Job Status

Track and update the status of your individual roles with Red, Yellow, Green health indicators, along with custom notes to communicate the latest activity with the search

TalentWall™ Brings Efficiency, Transparency & Collaboration to Talent Teams


Improve Recruiter Efficiency

Get full visibility into the performance of every department, hiring team, hiring cohort and business unit.


Hiring Process Optimization

Identify inefficiencies in your interview process with real-time insights into key hiring metrics.


Improve Stakeholder Collaboration

Quickly and easily share reports and dashboards with your hiring team.

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