Hire Faster, More Collaboratively, and with Greater Transparency


TalentWall Converts your ATS candidate pipeline into a real-time, interactive card wall


Customized analytics show the most import data to people in each role, including time to hire, offer acceptance rates, pipeline health, interview data, and more.

  • At-a-glance view of pipeline health
  • Filter results by department, office, user, date
  • Copy charts to clipboard for easy sharing
  • Analyze month over month performance

Inspired by agile principles, TalentWall brings much-needed transparency and collaboration to Talent teams.

Command Center

Command Center for Recruiters

Recruiters get a quick snapshot of their pipeline and priorities, allowing them to better plan their day

Hiring Manager Portal

Hiring Manager Portal

Hiring Managers get a better pulse on the health of their pipeline, enabling them to be more engaged

Recruiting Managers

Recruiting Managers

Recruiting Managers can better coach and support their team while also gaining critical insights for talent planning

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Tool

Use TalentWall during Hiring Manager and Talent team meetings to quickly get everyone on the same page

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