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Crosschq acquires TalentWall™ to form the most powerful Talent Intelligence platform


Hiring will never be the same. Crosschq acquires TalentWall™ to form the most powerful Talent Intelligence Platform for Talent Leaders. #TalentAcquistion #QualityofHire #HireRetainBetter

Dear Friends, Customers, and Partners,

Today, it is with great excitement that we share with you that we’ve been acquired by Crosschq, a US-based data company that provides analytics tools across the new hire lifecycle, while providing a single source of truth for customers to accurately measure Quality of Hire. You can read more about Crosschq’s rationale for the acquisition here. Now that the ink is dry, we’d like to share more about how we think about this too.

(First things first, there will be no disruption to any of your current services, instead we’re actually excited that merging with Crosschq will give us a turbo boost in the delivery of new modules, features, and functionality.)

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A look back

Since starting TalentWall™ in 2017, we have grown to more than 300 active customers and more than 8,000 active users. We started with a recruiter-first approach to solving real-world problems for hiring teams. As career recruiters ourselves, we were genuinely solving for our own problems around collaboration, productivity, and all things data.

Since we’d experienced these pain points firsthand, we had both a head start and a unique perspective. But what really enabled us to grow at the scale we have is the incredible input and trust from our users. You have become part of our community and your insights have helped to make TalentWall™ one of the most loved, intuitive Talent Intelligence platforms on the market.

Why Crosschq

When Crosschq approached us earlier this year, we were struck by the strength of our respective companies alignment on almost every front; values, company culture, and generally how we see the current and future landscape of WorkTech. Our products and respective roadmaps are extraordinarily complementary, not only based on today’s modules, but our near and long term roadmaps as well.

Given such incredible alignment on all of these fronts, and the fast pace in which the WorkTech landscape is evolving, combining forces with such a strong partner was an absolute no-brainer for us. We’ve been listening intently to the needs of our customers (and the industry in general) for more than five years now, and with that has come a seemingly endless list of features and products that we want to bring to market. But as a 22 person bootstrapped company, we needed a way to build faster and offer more value to our customers. And that is exactly what this partnership brings.

A look ahead

“Built for Recruiters, By Recruiters,” will remain our mantra, and continue to be at the center of every product decision we make. With that said, here’s a quick list of the things that will change, and what will remain 100% the same:

What’s Changing:

  • Bigger team: Our entire company is joining Crosschq, and our new company will be 80 people strong, and likely north of 100 by the end of the year.
  • Greater acceleration: Now we can offer more features, functionality, and new product delivery, along with the immediate accessibility to all that Crosschq has to offer on day one.
  • More connection: Our Slack community of more than 600 TalentWall™ users will continue to expand, providing more opportunities for a larger population to access this incredible knowledge base. (And if you’re not already in there, please reach out for an invite – we’d love to have you!)  


What’s Staying The Same:

  • Commitment to excellence: We’ll have the same laser focus on the needs of our users, continuing to create intuitive, data-forward collaboration and productivity tools for hiring teams.
  • Customer first culture: The true partnership we enjoy with our customers and desire to evolve how teams plan, hire, and retain talent will always be our number one priority.
  • Access to co-founders: Our customers will have the same accessibility to Jake and Jo now that we are part of Crosschq. Jake will assume the role of Chief Product Officer, taking our product philosophy forward in the new organization. Jo will be Crosschq’s Chief People Officer, leading Crosschq with our shared people-first values while deepening the connection with our user community. Nick will serve as VP of Technology and Engineering, continue to manage our development team, ensuring we continue with operational excellence and efficiency.


Thank you to all of our customers whom we’ve loved partnering with thus far. We’re so excited to continue innovating together in this journey ahead.

Happy Recruiting,

Jake, Nick, & Jo