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The Ultimate Data Cleaning Checklist

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Data cleaning is the management of your recruiting data using best practices in organization and communication to improve your recruitment process. It’s a skill most recruiters are learning out of necessity. The sheer volume of data is simply too much to muddle through. However, unless your recruiters are also moonlighting as data analysts, they may… Read more »

Top Recruitment KPI’s You Need To Pay Attention To

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No matter what role you’re in, it’s crucial to have data and analytics that help you hit your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The old adage, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, remains true no matter how many new tools and technology platforms hit the market. It is especially true for improving your recruiting process…. Read more »

How to Onboard New Recruiters the Right Way

Onboarding a recruiter the right way can have a huge multiplier effect. Not only will they make their own hires sooner, but they’ll hire more aligned candidates. Starting out on the right foot can even positively impact retention rates down the line. And, after you’ve set up a process, it’ll be easy to use it… Read more »

How to Conduct Remote Meetings for Recruiters

The new world of work means new protocols for how we interact. Here are a few tips on how to conduct remote meetings for recruiters. Meetings with your team are crucial to improving your recruitment process. However, in-person meetings, often called “standups,” are increasingly less common. How can you replicate the standup meeting in a… Read more »

6 Reasons Your Talent Acquisition Team Needs an Internal Communications Plan

A talent acquisition team is often the interface between their company and the outside world. They attend conferences, meet-up groups, marketing efforts, open-source nights, and career fairs. However, in recent years, recruitment marketing has become more sophisticated than ever. To manage external communications effectively and to improve your recruiting process, your talent acquisition team will… Read more »

Sniff Out the Subtle Concerns in Candidate Assessments

Candidate assessments raise concerns both big and small. In this article, we look at ways to sniff out the more subtle concerns using an approach in software development: smells. Software development is chock full of ideas, patterns, and approaches that can help improve your recruitment process. We’re already seeing widespread uptake of agile and lean… Read more »